the Valentine’s day engagement photo session | Emily & Evan | Santa Barbara, CA

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We have been looking forward to the Valentine’s day engagement photo session for Emily & Evan for a long time. It’s our first time to shoot an engagement photo session at the beautiful Santa Barbara. Emily & Evan both went to UC Santa Barbara for school, so the engagement session in Santa Barbara will be very sweet for them. We originally planned to spend the whole weekend there, but we got a short-notice wedding booking. So it’s just a one day tour in Santa Barbara. Working with Emily & Evan is awesome. They are so photogenic and so easy to work with. And when we got to the beach, it’s the right sunset time. We love the photos and very looking forward to their wedding in September.

the Bridges Golf Club Wedding | Ying & Ning | San Ramon, CA

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This is the first wedding in 2011 for us, and we had a great time with Ying & Ning’s family and close friends. It’s an intimate wedding but very cozy. It’s great that both Ying & Ning’s parents came from China for this beautiful wedding. Ying & Ning knew each other since their college school at Peking University. Then Ying went to University of Michigan and Ning went to Carnegie Mellon. After many years of long distance, they were finally able to be together forever and form a family. We were really happy for them.

Christchurch - Fox Glacier - Queenstown | Danny & Julia’s trip to New Zealand | Part 4

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The scenic view in New Zealand is peaceful but speechless. The helicopter snowlanding experience in Fox Glacier is one of the most unforgettable experience we have. We first arrived at the town of Fox Glacier on Dec 25, and scheduled the flight on 11 AM. But when we checked in at 10 AM, the weather changed and the Helicopter couldn’t land on the snow mountain. We were so disappointed and sad at that moment. 4 days later, after back from Queenstown, we scheduled to try it again. We were nervously waiting for check in and no one can tell for sure if the weather allows the landing at all. Even until we already sat inside the helicopter, we couldn’t believe that this time we can fly up to the glacier.

From Great Barrier Reef to Sydney | Danny & Julia’s trip to Australia | Part 3

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We have spent 4 days in Cairns, the town which is the access to the Great Barrier Reef. It’s hot and humid there, so we had to get on cruise to get out of the town everyday. It’s nice and beautiful, and we got sunburn. On the way back, we stayed in Sydney. Sydney has the amazing night view in the harbor. It’s the last night of the whole 3 weeks trip, so we decided to treat ourselves really well for a great dinner. We picked “Yuki’s”, a Japanese cuisine restaurant on the top floor of the Harbor terminal building with best view of the Opera house. The food is amazing. The whole dinner took us about 3 hours to finish. And it can compete with any French cuisine. That’s the first time that we got so full in Japanese cuisine restaurant.


Trash the Dress Photo Session | Cindy & Kai | Santa Cruz, CA

It was extremely fun to have this trash-the-dress photo session for Cindy & Kai. We have shot the engagement photo session and covered their beautiful wedding in palm even center last year, so by the time for this trash-the-dress session, we were already friends and they knew us really well. So the entire session has been so smooth and relaxed. We don’t need to pose them at all, as they were already very skilled at that. It was freezing in the water for the TTD session, but all of us got so excited and just jumped in. That’s also the fun part for trash-the-dress, isn’t it?


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