Back from New Zealand & Australia | Danny & Julia | Vocation trip photo sneak peek

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We are back!!! Happy New Year to everyone. We finally came back from a 3-week vocation trip to New Zealand & Australia. We had a blast and it’s an amazing trip. We had so many funny stories to share for this trip, but don’t know where to start. Just post a few shots from the trip for sneak peek, a lot more photos will come out later:

And here is our flight map:

Lost in Vegas | Danny & Julia | Encore Wynn Las Vegas

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This is our thanksgiving vocation trip to L.A & Vegas. It’s a complete relaxing trip. As a habit, I still brought a camera with us, but no plan to shoot anything at all. But when we got into the Encore Wynn hotel suite room with this amazing strip view, I cannot help taking the camera out, and Julia started doing makeup for herself:






Julia & Danny’s Self-entertaining Video

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This is a short self-made video just for fun, post here to entertain ourselves and our blog reader. Enjoy the show:
This is how Julia always make fun of me

Danny & Julia Napa Fun 03 from DannyPhotoStudio on Vimeo.

Niki’s Maternity Portrait Session | Tai Wan

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We were so lucky to shoot the maternity portrait session for Niki during our trip to Taiwan. We shot this session only 2 weeks ahead of Niki’s due date. Thanks Niki & Daniel for their warmest invitation and accompanying us during the visit. Daniel is the best tour guide and we had a blast in the city of TaiNan, the food is just gorgeous and we don’t even want to come back. We had such a great time together. Niki & Daniel, we hope to see you soon, either in US, or Canada.

Dec 5th: Our house warming party

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We moved into our new house in August. We should call for a house warming party when we moved in, but we have been shooting weddings every Saturday and engagement session every Sunday until last week. So finally, we got a weekend for ourselves and we can call for a house warming party.

We have about 40 friends showed up at the party. Thanks a lot for coming. It’s cold outside, but you guys made our new home not just warm, but very hot. We had a great time together and I hope all of you had some fun. We still have 3 extra large pizza leftover, it’s going to be my lunch and dinner today. We were worried that we might be short of drink. But with everyone bringing a bottle, we now have over 20 bottles of wine leftover. So we have to call another party next year sometime. You guys need to come again to kill it. Julia & I were so excited the whole night. We were so happy to see all of you and get some updates. We are happy to see that those party and clubbing lovers switch to much healthier activities like hiking in the morning. I will try to join you guys next year, but it’s tough for me, tougher for Julia, who normally wakes up in the afternoon. The party is in a very short notice, so some of friends are out of town and cannot make it. We will try to call the party again and catch up with you. And thanks so much for sending those warm words to us and we can feel the love.

I am sure Yilun had a good time, his sexy look can tell:

We are so happy that many of our friends love the furnitures we bought and ask us where we got them. Many thanks to Pandora, one of our best friend. She is the best interior designer and she recommended “Drexel Heritage” to us. We became a huge fan of “Drexel Heritage” and got all the furniture from them. We like their design: Classic. And hopefully: Timeless.

For Dinnerware & Drinkware, we are big fan of “Crate&Barrel” and their sister store “CB2″. We like rich color:

Look at Wade and little Wade, do they exactly look like the same?

Again, sincere thanks for bringing us a fun night. Hope to see you at New Year’s time.

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